5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year

Things to do if you really want to move forward in 2017

IIt’s a new year but if you think about it; what’s new about the year? The sun still rises and sets at the same time. The winter is coming on hard on some of us just like it did last year. Workers are back to hustling and bustling just like they left off. Now the question is “What is new about the year, since everything looks pretty much the same”?

I have come to realize that there’s nothing new about the year except for the fact that the earth has completed its orbit around the sun, which takes about 365.256 days and has started another travel around the sun all over again.

I used to think the New Year brings about new opportunities and new momentum but the truth is every day is a day filled with new opportunities irrespective of it being the first day of the year or first few days of the year.

Moving forward in life is relative and could mean different things for different people. Moving forward could mean landing a new job, loosing 20lbs, buying your dream home or starting a new business. But whatever it means to you there are things that you need to do and continuously make a lifestyle if you want to move forward and switch things up this 2017.


# Set Clear And Realistic Goals

2017 goals
What are you goals for the year?

I have seen people want so much out of their lives; they have these big dreams and all this awesome expectations without setting goals and strategizing on how to achieve them. Having dreams without having a plan and setting goals is like traveling to an unknown place with no GPS.

Goal setting is very important because it helps us identify what we want to achieve and steps we need to take to achieve them.

Clarity is very important in goal setting. Its like walking into a pizza place and ordering exactly what you want. You know exactly what kind of pizza you want and exactly what you want on it.

That’s how clear your goals should be. Also its important your goals are realistic.

Setting a goal of being able drive a jumbo jet without any prior training is not a realistic goal. Finally setting goals without making room for the obstacles that come with it is unrealistic.

Things are going to happen, things are going to go wrong, and things will try to stop you. It’s important you script possible obstacles, and plan for them. Did you know that some of the best sales people in the world script possible obstacles? I mean they write out some of the possible questions a prospect may ask that may hinder them from closing a sale and they find answers to them even if they never happen.

A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Napoleon Hill

If we plan for obstacles ahead of time, we can eliminate them in other to achieve our goals.

# Adopt Self – Awareness

Setting goals are great, but if we have an attitude that is inconsistent with the goals we have set, it’s going to be impossible to achieve those goals. If we want to move forward positively this year and beyond, I advise we strap self-awareness as a backpack as we move ahead this year. The concept of self-awareness is simple; it’s about having a clear perception of your personality.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

— Oliver W. Holmes

It’s about getting to know your self a little bit more. Knowing your strengths, your weakness, your behaviors, your emotion and things that motivate you.

Self-awareness helps us deal with the part of our personality that would try to stop us.

Self -awareness makes us present and in the moment to know when we are doing things that are inconsistent with our goals.

It makes us conscious of our actions and puts our flaws under a microscope, that way we can see clearly on the things holding us back, things we need to change and then consciously change them.

I can go on and on about self- awareness, but the point is self -awareness puts us in the moment and gives us control over our personalities.


# Invest in Yourself

Going out there and buying yourself a new car if you can afford it is no big deal, or paying for a nice vacation. But in other to move forward and switch things up this year, you have to invest in yourself as much as you invest on yourself.

Investing in yourself is so key to your success this year and beyond.

Investing in yourself would include but not limited to things that improve your intellect and your mind.

According to the goals that you have set, ask yourself what areas of your life you need to improve on to achieve this; what skills do you need to learn, what knowledge do you need; do you need a business coach; some kind of experience? Invest in your intellect, invest in your mind; read as much as you can.

Whatever investment you need to make in yourself this year in other to achieve your goals is what you want to do.


# Remain Focused


Energy grows where Focus goes; and that’s why focus is so important to your success this year. You need to focus your mind and energy towards what you want to achieve.

It’s very easy to get distracted looking into other peoples lives and what they are doing. Focusing on your life and your goals and not trying to replicate other people will help you achieve faster.

If I say things are not going to happen to try to derail you from achieving this year then I would be lying to you. Things are going to come up. Unexpected things but you need to remain focused.

“We decide what we will make of each and every situation. We decide whether we’ll break or whether we’ll resist.” – Ryan Holiday

Its ok to feel the pressure that comes with this oppositions, don’t fight it, feel it but don’t dwell on them. Focusing on the bigger picture irrespective of the obstacle is very important.


# Do what you say you are going to do

I decided to save the best for the last because without doing what you said you will do. The year is going to come to an end with vision boards, goals set, self-investments made and nothing to show for it.

This is the part where you discipline yourself. Discipline is when you do what you said you would do irrespective of how you feel.

Don’t hesitate or talk about what you want to do. Just do it

-Gbenga Akinnagbe

I recommend that you find something more than motivation to keep you afloat. Sometimes things happen and it leaves us with little or no motivation.

I suggest you have an extremely strong WHY, a why that keeps you up at night; so that when you feel unmotivated you can remember why you started, you can focus on the bigger picture and not let anything stop you from doing what you said you will do.

I hope this helps………………..




  1. Great and well articulated, the journey has just begun and only time will tell if we win or if we lose, but with these steps tenaciously implemented, winning is certain, we only pray for grace to wither every storm that may come in the process of pursuing our dreams this year….only those who will burn the bridge behind them will have no where to go but forward..


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