So at some point – after taking a deep and honest look into the mirror – I had to admit to myself that my current life situation does not represent this belief at all. So I had to figure out what went wrong? Or at least find out what prevents me from living the good life?I began to study other people who “made it” – in regards of health, wealth, love and happiness – and tried to decode how their thoughts, words and actions are different from mine and why I didn’t feel the same kind of abundance, meaning and fulfillment in my daily life. I wanted to find out when and where I took the wrong turn.

The result of these thoughts, ideas and “aha”-moments are what you can read on this blog. Some of the things I learned were bullshit. Other ideas were not applicable to my current life situation.

Yo, Fela here!

And welcome to my personal blog.

I write posts about technology, self-improvement, and productivity(and all the crazy silly stories and the life lessons I learned along the way).
I post new ideas “every day”-ish. And then I send out little email reminders to let all the awesome people on my email list know.

Thanks for even giving a crap:). I wish you a Happy new Year.