Collaboration For Business And Personal Growth

    Collaboration For Business Growth
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    I don’t like being tied to one place.

    I seek new experience and sometimes this comes at a cost.

    Going to work in one office 300 days a year did not sit well with me for four years then I quit in 2016.

    Now I work from anywhere and anytime.

    Working from home sometimes feels like the best thing to do because you walk around in your pajamas.

    I notice I am also able to get more done when I work from a co-working space or hub. This could primarily be due to the level of professionalism of the environment. Everyone going about their business and focusing on the task at hand.

    This made me seek out different hubs and workspaces in which I can collaborate and work from. I met a few and asked them about their business, social media and online presence.

    These questions help me see areas that I can help and offer value.

    The point of this post is to re-enforce that working for free is not a loser’s game.

    All the co-working spaces I have come across and done some work for, in turn, provide me with full access to their space and more perks than paying members.

    This is because i was upfront with the value I could offer.

    This same strategy can be used in a lot of negotiation scenarios. You have something someone else wants, how about the exchange of services.

    Money is not the only  means of getting things done.

    If you need something, brainstorm on places you can get it. People that have acess to what you want, ways you can offer value to those people ahead.

    The truth about working relationships will be that people will continue to use you as long as you remain useful.

    Don’t always see free work as others taking advantage of you. Change your mindset from fixed to the growth mindset. Every experience gained is worth all the money and time in the world.

    Find the sweet spot where you are enjoying what you are doing and also learning from the experience you can get from working in these professional environments without breaking the bank.

    This is how I get to work for free from locations that require subscriptions or memberships. The same can be applied to other areas of life, you can get what you want by offering the service you have.

    Learning this single technique can open more doors than you already have access to.


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