Getting What You Want Against All Odds

“If you are unsure of a course of action, do not attempt it. Your doubts and hesitations will infect your execution..”

– Robert Greene

I have not always been bold up till now. I have realized every human being is approachable. Every one is accessible.

We all have one person we desperately need to connect , have a conversation with and ask questions but these people might be influential, busy and mostly high performers.

Its lonely at the top so its quite intriguing to any of these high performers to have someone reach out to them in a way that they will find valuable.

I wanted to push my company, beyond all boundaries but I needed to connect to a particular service via a company that I won’t name right now so lets call them COMPANY X. Only COMPANY X had the answers I was looking for.

I emailed their customer support, connected with COMPANY X Facebook page but got  no response. Sent tweets at COMPANY X and still got no response.

At this stage I was getting frustrated. I need COMPANY X to get in bed with, what was I to do?

I found a friend that worked at COMPANY X and he gave me a number to call. I was excited! FINALLY I can take over the world . I called the number and the conversation went like this: Lets call this person STAFF X

Fela: Goodmorning! I am fela, CEO We want to be a vendor for your company so we can sell electricity to the residents of that area.

Staff X: Sorry Mr fela, we don’t offer such services .

Fela: Ok. But Its on your website that affiliates and vendors can apply

Staff X: No we don’t do that anymore. Anything else?

You can imagine my disappoint at this point. Brain must have felt the same way everyday

Every normal person will pack up their balls in their hands and go home.

I am not one of the normal ones, at least not anymore. I went ahead and added the CEO and Founder of COMPANY X on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and Instagram .

I reposted his content, I liked his photos and then I sent him an inbox about my proposal.   That was the best thing I have done in a while. He responded and told me to send what I wanted in an email so he copies the IT DEPARTMENT in COMPANY X.

That was how got the deal.

Even John wick is Happy for Us:)

Every one had told me to give it up. “Nigeria is a Monopoly Market”, “Fela no body wants to share their company profits”, “No one is interested in partnering with a new company with no legs and strong connection” but there was one thing that we have and thats HEART and BOLDNESS.

Everything that you want is on the other side of fear. Is there a step you want to take but you keep holding back?

Go out there and be BOLD!

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