Life Is Just A Phase and It Happens In Stages

Tim-Marshall on

Bread don’t belong to the wise, Nor riches to men of understanding. Nor favour and wealth to men of skill, but time and chance happen to them all

– king solomon

I was listening to a song this morning and I heard the line;

“Life is just a phase and it happens in stages”

Immediately I started having flashbacks of a different point in my life. It was so real I grabbed my mac to type this up and share some thoughts.

Sometimes life feels so damn good, you feel like you are Eddie Murphy in the Coming To America movie.

Everything that you touch turns to gold. 

You are on a winning streak.

Then in an instant, the reverse is the case.


You can’t tap into the same pot of inspiration you had access to. Progress feels slowed and happiness seems far away in distant lands.

I remember telling my mom I will be a millionaire by the time I was 25. On my 25th birthday, I called her and said;

hey mom i have millions in my bank account. 

Then I bought the best ride of my dreams and did most of the things I fantasized about.


I thought i was Bruce Wayne

By the time I was 26, I had spent all the cash and I was broke as a joke.

Back to rock bottom.

It was a hell of a year.

At some other point, I had a steady 9-5 Job and I loved it.

Now I don’t have a job.

I run two companies. We have a fast-growing user base but not enough to break even.

I am mostly in debt  & I support my self with freelance work. 

…But I am grateful for the experience.

In order to win you have to at least play the game of life.

A wavelength has a high peak and a low trough

Life feels like a wavelength. The higher the peaks the lower the troughs.

When you start to get addicted to a substance, you will gradually need more of it to feel good. This is a drug addicts dilemma.

I now see life in this manner

We are addicted to life.

Addicted to the feeling or illusion of happiness or joy. We will always need more to feel normal again.

How about we look on the bright side, nothing stays the same. If I am sad today tomorrow I will be happy again, or next tomorrow or next year. 

See, life is a mystery, it’s so interesting.

You might believe in destiny but yours is formed every day in the decisions you make.

As for me, I’m making a decision to enjoy each day and accept that things will not always be the same.  

I think you should do that also.

Life is a phase and it happens in stages.



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