Practice Does Not Make Perfection. Lessons Learned By Taking A Risk, Staring Fear In The Face And Moving To A New Country

Practice Does Not Make Perfection

The biggest mistakes i have made in life was to think i was not ready. We don’t have to wait until someone says to us that we are ready. Get in there, the world might say you are not allowed to yet. Just get in there and start that project, that business , that workout regimen that has been on your mind for so long.

There are many talented people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith

-James Cameron

Last year when i conceived meter.NG idea, an Electricity bill and utility payment platform, everyone i asked for validation told me it was not possible, no electricity company will partner with some unknown guy with no money. I gave myself the permission to fail and today we have a deal with all 11 Electricity companies in Nigeria.


Take Bold Steps

Don’t bother asking anyone before you take your bold step, don’t bother telling the world you are ready, show it, do it!.

Raise the rest of your life to meet you, don’t search for defining moments, they will never come. Just try not to wait like me until you are 30 before you find it. You are already alive, thats an enormous step, the air in your lungs and the beat in your heart is all you need.

You are here for a reason, your insecurity leads you to embrace others expectation. Carve out your own path with your inexperience. Your lack of experience is defined by its own set of reasons.

Travelling to Cameroon

I came to realize that i did things that i didn’t know were risks. Few months ago when my Friend Anthony graduated from University of Calabar as most the innovative student, he said his dream was to travel the world and program computers like a crazy person.
He picked Cameroon, we couldn’t Speak the French language, no connections just two guys wandering into a whole new territory. Our complete ignorance to our limitations looked like confidence. We had to figure it out when we got here.
As we get older we get more realisitc, but it makes us no favours, its a good thing to try things you never try, inexperience will make you work in unconventional ways.
You have greatness inside of you, you can do things you can’t imagine, you have talents and skills you have not reached for yet.
 Since we got to Cameroon, its meeting after meeting with New clients and More jobs. Its  unbelievable even though the amount of work to be done is humongous. Hard work never killed anyone. Blood sweat and tears only make us stronger, it teaches us how not to be weak again.
Goals are things that challenge you and make you stretch. Unless you do something that you have not mastered or done before, you will never grow. Unless you reach out of your comfort zone, you will never know whats out there for you.
When you have something you are reaching for, you find out talents you didn’t know you had. Practice does not make perfect. It only makes improvement, perfection does not exist. As long as you are alive , don’t believe in perfection, it does not exist.

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it – Salvador Dali

We don’t have to wait till it feels perfect anymore. We simply have to take a leap of faith and put in the work required.

Sum up

I have learned three important lessons recently in my Life.

  1. There is no point striving endlessly for Perfection or the perfect timing.
  2. Bold steps and setting big goals in the right direction should become a habit.
  3. Nothing good ever grows in our comfort zone. Discomfort equates to Growth.


What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals

– Zig Ziglar


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