RIP Al-Saddam

Ifiok got off the phone with Eno , and asked me if i knew any chubby guy named Assam; she went on to say he passed on this Morning. My heart Sunk.

Only last week , Assam wife, Ekemini; called me on the phone and asked for  a top up pin for her prepaid meter. They had run out of electricity. I immediately generated a token and sent it to her. She called back and this time to inform me the token i sent was not the usual 16 digits so it didn’t work on the meter. I checked the text i sent to her and oh NO!! it was my gtb mastercard numbers i had pasted in the message. It must have remained in the clip board (Ctrl + C)  because i previously made an online payment before trying to generate her token.

I called her back and said ” Ekemini i sent you my mastercard numbers, now you can go shopping online and take all my money”…she laughs. I sent her the REAL token after getting off the phone; that was the first time ever that i spoke with Mrs Asam Usoro, i did not even attend their wedding in 2014.

We get so busy with life and carried away in the noise that we forget to step back and listen or create time for whats really important. I still kick myself today for not going for Assams wedding in Uyo , the date clashed with a period i was financially in a mess (As always). I didnt know how to tell him , “guy i dey too busy now dey find bar, i no fit show your wedding”. I wont forgive myself.

Assam was like a brother to me. Sally hooked us up at start of Nysc camp, i am sure she knew he would watch over me like an eagle.  We shared the same bunk bed in NYSC camp Kubuwa Abuja. He would wake up early and fetch water for both of us to shower. I dont know how he did it, he was like super man. We will be out all night at mami market, have a couple of drinks , return to the room gist with room mate for hours unending before we fell asleep, yet Assam was always up early to keep my bucket of water under the bed waiting for me wake up.

He has so much Energy , so much charisma..he could take over a whole room with his contagious Humor. Perfect hustler in every sense of the word and everyone around him will agree to this.

We only have one life to live, if you are wasting yours right now doing things that are not important, will you please take time out and chill? Will you focus on making a difference in any little way that you can?

Will you be the change that you want in the world?

Will you stop limiting yourself by thinking you are only just a man and cant let out the giant and enormous power that is within you?

Will you listen to the voices that try to convince you not to follow your dream and passion just because they did not follow theirs and are ok with accepting whatever life throws at them as they go with the flow?

These questions , i will answer in my heart everyday and they will be my guide. How about you?

RIP my brother Assam , I hope we will meet again some day.


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